Custom-made lingerie, Intimate Luxury, Bedroom Kandi

Bedroom Kandi by SpiceIslandGirl6

Intimate Luxury. Bedroom Kandi by SpiceIslandGirl6

Custom made Lingerie

Bedroom Kandi

Bedroom Kandi LogoBedroom Kandi by SpiceIslandGirl6. A Tour of Intimate Luxury, Where women and their partners can pamper themselves with intimate luxury. Whether you want to pamper yourself, add a little spice in the bedroom or explore intimacy with a partner, this line of pleasure products has something for you. Bedroom Kandi sets a new standard of luxury, sophistication, and fun for single and couples play.

Custom-made Lingerie

Couverture PantyBring some fire into your wardrobe with sexy custom swimwear and ladies’ intimate apparel. For more than two years, Beverly Perryman has been designing unique custom swimwear & lingerie that allows you to be comfortable, without removing any of your sex appeal. Find out more information about the unique cut of our custom ladies’ intimate apparel and swimwear.

Fashion Mirage

Designer Swimwear by Fashion MirageFor fashions you’ll never find anywhere else, we stay ahead of the game riding the wave of change, we design with a purpose. Try BP today and experience the freedom that women are enjoying with the latest in freedom fashion. We Customize Bras, Lingerie, Swimsuits, Fashions you’ll only find at Fashion Mirage. Get your sexy back. BP is Sanitary, Comfortable and Fashionably Alluring.